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Updated: May 6, 2020

The civil war in Liberia, which raged on for 15 years, has plunged many families into extreme poverty. Most of the families can barely eat a square meal in a day, talk less of celebrating festivities.

One county that tends to suffer this effect of the civil conflict is Grand Bassa, the seat of Liberia's second capital, which is situated along the Atlantic Ocean. It is an urban community with more than 20.000 inhabitants, of which the majority are children.

The presence of the Initiative for the Development of Former Child Soldiers (IDEFOCS) in the county has been for the sole purpose of rehabilitating and reintegrating former child soldiers and drug users.

IDEFOCS will organize a Christmas party with the goal to:

• Bring happiness to children of Grand Bassa just like any other child around the world on Christmas Day.

• Encourage the community, embark on a massive campaign to fight poverty in the lives of less fortunate kids.

• Promote the relationship between the community and IDEFOCS, for a peaceful co-existence in the county.

• Provide basic primary education to unable kids

This event will be implemented on Christmas Day, December 25, 2019, and its activities include the following: Distribution of Food and Gifts to Children, the community kids and ASP kid's spelling bee competition, and providing clothing to 25 of our ASP kids.

Distribution of Food and Gifts.

IDEFOCS team in Grand Bassa will arrange a day ahead of the program for the preparation of food, the sorting out of gifts with community leaders, and the purchasing of 25 ASP kids' clothes to wear on the day. On December 25, 2019, at about Mid-day, regular activities of the day will commence, and the entire CCP will climax with the distribution of gifts amongst our targeted kids. Five hundred kids in Grand Bassa County are expected to benefit from this project.

Funds needed: $1897.2USD

Thank you for your support! Fundraise completed!

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