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A proud moment in Rwanda!

Earlier this year we started to work with Souzane in Rwanda. Souzane started an initiative where women are trained as weavers and provide them work so they can earn their own income and independence.

However, with the restrictions around COVID-19, business went quiet and all sources of income to cover the expenses for training dried up. Together we looked at other opportunities to keep going and we managed to place two international orders for baskets, placemats and jewellery! This was plenty to keep the women working and learning.

Last Friday, a new group of weavers graduated from the training and Souzane organised a beautiful ceremony for the celebrations.

Below are some of the women proudly showing their work

A message from the team came along with the pictures:

"There is no words that can express our happiness but please thank Rilo Connect which helped us with the order in for learning new things in weaving. Thank you very much for supporting us! Sincerely speaking from the bottom of my heart on behalf of weavers, Thank you and your team!"


October 14, 2020

Also from us, a massive thank you to everyone who contributed to this project, seeing these women smile is what we do it for!

Richard & Louise

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