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Happenings in the Community

UPDATE: Liberia Independent Day

On the 26th of July, Liberia celebrated its 172nd Independence Day. This day is celebrated each year nationwide with music and food. However, in more impoverished societies, there are no supplies available to create a festive setting and most families don't even have enough food to prepare a meal.


Together with a local school, Rilo Connect organised a small party for over 80 children from the poorest ghettoes in Monrovia.

Three volunteers helped with the arrangements of the party; rice and soup were handed out, games were played and hired musical instruments allowed kids to make music. It was a great event with loads of dancing and smiling faces.

Read the full update here!



On the 9th of April 2020, we launched a campaign in 15 ghetto's in Liberia to educate the people on how to deal the current outbreak of COVID-19. 

A full report will follow here soon.

UPDATE: Weaving Women in Rwanda 

The “Iriza Ntako Heritage” project is initiated by Souzane Murekatete in Rwanda, to give women living in poverty a chance to gain their independence. In 2016, Souzane formed an NGO to help struggling women to learn some weaving techniques so that they can work and earn a livelihood for their families. Recently, she opened a second department focussing on teen are mums as they are one of the most vulnerable groups in Rwanda. 

Last month, Rilo Connect started a campaign to help Souzane grow the organisation. Two forms of support have been given: a significant international order of 120 pieces to kickstart the business and a raised amount of $3000,- to invest in the training of teenage mothers. 

Read the full update here!


We are two travel enthusiasts, always on the hunt to explore new places. What we find is often beauty in people and nature but sometimes the reality is hard; we are a lucky bunch in the western society, having so many chances to make a decent living. Not everybody has been that lucky at birth!

That's why we decided to help where we can and we would love for you to get involved too.  

Loads of love,

Louise & Richard

Image by Ian Schneider

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