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UPDATE: The RIFES school has opened!

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

After months of administration work, fundraising and building work, the Rilo Foundation Eduction System in Liberia has finally opened!

Last week, 135 children entered the new school building for their first day at the new school. Nine volunteer teachers, who have received their training over the last weeks, were there to welcome them.

We were initially anticipating on welcoming 80 children. However, during the opening process, 20 more children from parents associated with drugs, crime and violence signed up for the programme. Two weeks before the opening of the school 35 children, who were selected by the community leadership appeal, also requested a place at the school, and we could not refuse them.

Benches and desks have been specially made for the classrooms, and new school materials arrived just on time for the school opening.

On the pictures below you see a mother registering her son, new school books played out on a table and children arriving one of the 9 classrooms.

We want to thank our partner IDEFOCS in Liberia for their hard work on the ground, the volunteer teachers who make education possible, and everyone who has been so kind to donate to this project.

We are still raising money to cover the cost of the mandatory school uniforms! With a cost of $12,50 per uniform, a total of $1687,50 has to be raised before the end of the month in order to pass the Ministry of Education laws. If you want to contribute to the education of these children, please reach out to

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Louise & Richard

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