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UPDATE: Mo and his beautiful family of 11 in Bali

When Mo lost his job earlier this year because of Corona, his wife, seven adopted children en his own two kids had lost all income, which meant no money for food, school, electricity or water.

We brainstormed for ideas on how to generate an income when whole villages are running out of money.

As the businessman as Mo is, he proposed the opening of a Warung. His wife used to have a small food stall by the side of the road before it went bankrupt due to the lockdown, so she knew how to set it up.

Two weeks ago we found the right place, fully equipped with fridges, electricity and a kitchen. Because of this, the warung can stay open when it's dark and support the local community with rice and noodles.

Here is a little breakdown on Mo's children:

no 1, Memo ( adopted child) 18 year old

no 2, Pino ( biological child) 16 year old

no 3, Luh ade (adopted child) 14 year old

no 4, Santi (adopted child) 13 year old

no 5, Suki (biological child) 12 year old

no 6, Koming (adopted child) 12 year old

no 7, Putra Twins (adopted child) 10 year old

no 8, Putri Twins (adopted child) 10 year old

no 9, Komang (adopted child) 5 years old

Did we already mention that Mo looks after 5 street dogs too?

This business is not the end-stage for Mo's career; he wants to own a car and start a taxi business. But for now, the kids can go to school, the family has food to eat, and they can share the benefits with the village too.

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