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A look back at last year and look forward at the new year ahead!

We've been quiet for some time about the progress at the Rilo Foundation School in Liberia, but that was certainly not because we have been sitting still!

June and July were busy months at the school; we got invited to participate at the Spelling Bee competition and the children did their very best to get into best form. Unfortunately they did not make it till the final round but the team spirit did wonders for their motivation!

In July, it was exam period, that meant the internal school exams to make it to the next year, but also the formal state exams by Ministry of Education. 37 students were selected from both the third and sixth grade classes and they all passed the exams.

Out of the 285 students, 257 promoted to the next classes, the other 28 students will have to redo the year.

In August, just before the kids went home for the summer holidays, we celebrated the end of this year and the third year anniversary with Gala Week. Which is a week full of fun activities, sports and competitions. I was personally unfamiliar with the concept but strongly supported the idea as it seemed the right time for the kids to have fun together before the summer break. And fun it was! Below are some pictures from the teams, but also from the Gala Week King & Queen! This week of activities was such a success, that it now has been introduced as an annual event to look forward to.

During the summer break, the school and teachers started preparation for the next year ahead. This means the creation of school materials, the learning program but also preparing the physical building to host 285 children for another year of education.

Children participating in the Spelling Bee competition June 2023:

Gala Week 2023: Girls football team

Gala Week 2023: Boys football team

The King & Queen of Gala Week 2023

Graduation day 2023.

The Rilo Foundation School is 100% depending on donations. Teachers, Ministry of Education and school building rent are covered but everything extra is an ask;

- Education materials

- Chairs and tables (they often get stolen)

- Any activities they want to participate in

- Sport materials

- New school uniforms as the number of kids keep growing

If you want to contribute to one of the things listed above, or anything else that you feel would benefit the children, please do reach out so we can make it happen together!

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