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The teachers in Grand Bassa

Updated: May 26, 2022

Rilo Foundation Educational System (RIFES) provides free primary and secondary education for children whose parents are former child soldiers and drug users from ghetto communities in Grand Bassa County Buchanan City.

Since the opening of the new building in December 2020, we were able to welcome 285 students to the school. 125 boys and 160 girls for the 2021-2022 academic school year to be precise. Which is more than double the amount of children from the day we opened! To accommodate this number of students in the building, they are divided in two groups for morning or afternoon classes.

None if this would have been possible without the 14 teachers who have taken the responsibility of educating the children, and who work in shifts to provide the best support they can. They do this for as little as $50,- a month.

But the long lasting COVID restrictions and unforeseen building renovations have cut into the school's budget, they are now running out of funds to pay the teachers for this academic year.

That's why, together with Alan Lowe from Helping Hugs For Children, we are raising funds to provide these children another year of education and we are asking your help!

For $50,- (46.64 Euro / 39.98 Pound) you cover a teachers salary for 1 month, but any donation towards the payment of the teachers if more than appreciated!

You can make any donation here: DONATE

Thank you on behalf of the 285 children who's lives are changed now they learn to read and write!

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