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Our first delivery to Ukraine

About a month ago, we got approached by a local mum in our area with a Ukrainian background. She really wanted to 'do something' for the women and children in her home country.

We didn't think twice and immediately joined forces with her. Because we didn't have our own network in Ukraine, we selected a small local shelter for women and children where we could send a shipment to. This shelter currently holds around 300 women and children of which many have fled from the eastern part of Ukraine.

After establishing what resources are most needed for the women and children in the shelter, we rolled out a communication plan and started collecting piles and piles off and boxes filled with blankets, jackets, warm jumpers, sleeping bags, children's clothes and more. We were simply blown away by how many people were willing to make donations.

We found a courier who was willing to make the journey to deliver the boxes. When he heard what he was delivering he refused the payment and only accepted a small amount of money to cover his expenses.

The brave courier arrived within a week and shortly after we received some pictures from the shelter to thank everyone for their support.

This small project is a drop in the ocean but it has warmed my heart. I hope this inspires more people to get in action because everyone can make a difference to someones life.

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