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135 names to remember!

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

We are honoured and proud to introduce you to the 135 children attending classes at the Rilo Foundation School in Liberia! None of these children could afford any form of formal education and can now focus on their future!

When we started working on the concept of opening a school, we had no idea of the challenges we would face along the way. Nothing went the way we had expected due to languages gaps, different cultures and expectations, corona lockdowns, unexpected costs or simply just a hole in the road on the way to our new grounds.

We are still working on opening the new school shop which will create a local source of income for the school. We are raising money to purchase extra school books, hire specialist teachers, and look for new ways to grow the school to welcome more children sustainably.

For now, we would like to take a moment to celebrate this milestone for Chris, Darius, Remember, Jacob, Emanuel, Amon, Decontee, Princess, Haja, Jefferson, Moses, T-boy, Thomas, David, Meshel, Saydah, Lydia, Elizabeth, Ellen, Lawrena, Surprise, Morris, Emmanuel, Dadday, Divine, Charlyn, Felecia, Surprise S, Genevie, Clarence, Gabriel, Vivian, Annet, Morris G, Ishmell, Linda, Prayer, Joe, Philip, Samule, Trokon, Prince, Sarus, Abraham, Nancy, Sharlie, Godpower, Pinky K, Pinky M, Vivian, Jessie, Jestina, Prince F, Jonathan, Monkonjay, Matthew, Enoch, Devine, Teniwine, Blessing, Vickey, Isaiah, Cyrus, Henry, Gbehzohngar, Lucky, Marron, Andrew, Reuben, Angeline, Aloysius, Daniel, Jonathan, Stephen G, Roland, Marjuen, Jeroline, Peter, Roland, Marty, Nathaniel, Daniel, Alex, Melvina, Jurtu, Rebecca, Oretta, Princess D, Cyrus, Joe, Onell, Esther, Ruth, Emmanuel, Luckyboy, Sam, Chareitta, Remember J, Sammy, Paul, Sailent, Marpue, Samule G, Sarah, Paulie, Blessing B, Rita, Neomi, Dorcas, Patricia, Esther, Veral.N, Rosa, Mercy, Albert, Ekenna, Blessing J, Victor, Amos, Jefferson, Jeremiah, Ujay, Ammah, Hellana, Precious M, Odell, Ruth, Princess B, Gardayee & James.

Thank you!

Louise & Richard

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